Two guests on Canoe FM this morning

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Today on the Reeve’s Report, Carol Moffatt will be our guest. Carol, reeve of Algonquin Highlands and Warden of the county will bring us up to date on activities and issues of importance just after the 8am news.
At 8.30am we’re delighted to have Dale Goldhawk chat with us. Famous for his “Dale Goldhawk Fights Back” radio program in Toronto, Dale is a featured speaker this morning in Lindsay at an event for Community Care.
Lorraine McNeil is our co host as we take to the air waves 7 to 9 am this morning. Hope you can join us for a spell. We’re at 100.9 or live at

Ian Tamblyn our guest on CanoeFM this morning!

Shawn Chamberlain co-hosts this morning, and we’re looking forward to our phone chat with Ian Tamblyn, right after the 8am news.
Ian began writing songs, short stories and plays as a teenager. Since that time he has recorded twenty- nine albums, cassettes, and CDs and written over 1500 songs.
Ian will be appearing at the Dominion Hotel, sponsored by the Haliburton County Folk Society, this Thursday evening.

We’ll be live this morning, 7 to 9 am, on 100.9 Canoe Fm.
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Health Services Radiothon Day #2

We’ll be live from 6am again this morning in support of the HHHS foundation’s Radiothon fundraiser. Join me at 100.9 Canoe FM. Shawn Chamberlain will join us just after the 7 am news.
Let’s all pitch in and help the hospital foundation reach its goals.

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Hospital Radiothon Day #1

We’re live at 6am in support of the HHHSF Radiothon. Join Lorraine McNeil and I this morning as we sally forth on behalf of our health services. There’s auction items to bid for, you can issue challenges, and there’ll be interviews and special prizes throughout the two days of the Radiothon.

Join us on 100.9 Canoe FM … the Radiothon is 6am to 6pm today and tomorrow.

Bring on the coffee baby!!!

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Barb Reid, Reeve of Minden Hills is our guest after the 8 am news this morning!


The Reeve’s Report will feature Barb Reid this morning. Lorraine McNeil and I hope you can take time to join us 7 to 9 am this morning on 100.9 Canoe FM. Celebrate hump-day with local news, events and a little bit of fun along the way.

Remember, tomorrow and Friday are Radiothon days on behalf of the Haliburton Highlands Health Services Foundation … 6am (we’re up early) until 6 pm each day. Listen in and take part in this important annual fundraiser. All funds raised are used locally!


Jack Brezina and Amanda Robinson our guests after the 8 am news.

Jack and Amanda join us to chat about the auditions for the new Highlands Little Theatre production of You Can’t Take It With You. This is an open call to folks in the community that would like to jump on stage and do something fun and memorable. It will be a fun chat.

Piston Barnswallow is in the air this morning … and today he answers a listener letter.

Shawn Chamberlain is away today so Lorraine McNeil is with us to make sure we keep the fun and the coffee flowing.
Join us 7 to 9 am at 100.9 Canoe FM …

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Friday morning …. phew, we made it!

Boy that’s been a busy week, and today on CanoeFM we have guests galore .. Brian Daoust joins us after the 8am new to chat about the upcoming Radiothon for our hospital foundation and about 8.30 the two organizers for Minden and Haliburton Terry Fox runs will be in to say thanks to the community.
Shawn chamberlain can’t make it in today and so Lorraine McNeil will be with us, ’cause she knows how lonely it is so early in the morning.

Lotsa fun to wrap up your week … join us 7 to 9 am on 100.9 CanoeFM.
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Chat with Fred Eaglesmith after the 8am news

We pre-recorded a chat with Fred Eaglesmith and we’ll share it with you this morning. Not the best quality I’m afraid. I did it on the phone at home (not the preferred method) .. despite the poor quality the interview was one of my favourites and I hope you join us and bear with us during the conversation.fred Eaglesmith3
Lorraine McNeil and I will be live from 7 to 9am on 100.9 CanoeFm and
without you it ain't radio