How will we survive?

The post-Olympic crash will be felt by most Canadians.  The daily dose of stimulating competition, surges in national pride and the sheer joy of ‘television worth watching’ has abruptly ended.  I can image the strange feeling that must be zooming through Vancouver.  The infrastructure items will be proud reminders but so will the bill for all that went before.  I’ll be checking in with my media friend, Martha Perkins, who lives close to False Creek to get a sense of the mood.  That interview will be on Canoe Fm Thursday morning about 7.10 am (

End of day (5pm) I’ll be in township council chambers to watch the public review of current rezoning applications.  The Creative Business Incubator will be on the agenda.  I’m hoping it’s a rubber stamp process but you never can tell.  Final step would be a week today for final council approval.  Now all we need is the money – but I can feel it coming closer.

Time to deal with mundane needs … furnace has decided not to always shut off when it reaches the high temp mark.  Not the thermostat, already replaced that.  It’s the unit on the blower motor.  It’ll probably be a piece of lint or something.  Service call is $90 and then you pay on top for whatever the problem is.  Swell.

One of the volunteer voices of community radio "The Reeve of the Radio"

Hockey Rules

Sunday is always a big day at Sir Sam’s Ski Resort here in Eagle Lake.  Today it was hockey that ruled the scheduled.  Weekenders were heading home early and the slopes emptied by late morning.  I went for a walk between periods and it was pure, perfect quiet.  Even the neighbour who insists in blaring his/her idea of skiing music each weekend shut it down early.  That was a sweet bonus.

Our little home, overlooking Eagle Lake

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