It was such a disaster that it was funny beyond words after the event.

I had spent precious personal time preparing another copy of my Phusus hand built clay sculpture (you can see her in a finished form  on the clay page) as a special commission for a trophy.  Carefully molded, hand finished, air brush staining and a final  glazing all went so beautifully.  It was a gorgeous piece.  As I prepared the felt base, literally 3 minutes from completing the job, I dropped her.  Crack!  Split in two.

I stood transfixed.  I continued to stand, dumfounded by my momentary lapse which had trashed 9 hours of delicate creative work .

Within minutes I was laughing at my own stupidity.  Once that feeling passed I went outside and had a beer.

Today another Phusus is in progress.  As I get to the last three minutes (likely on Sunday) careful attention will be given to the final task.

This is Phusus in the bisque state, just prior to under glazing and then final glazing. Alas she is dead...but will rise again.
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