They're Only Cookies

My friend and former workmate at JAN Kelley Marketing, Tim, reported that the agency’s largest client had sent the agency 8 dozen gourmet cookies…to say thanks for a job well done.

On the surface that appears to be a very nice gesture.  Well, it’s not.  It’s an amazing statement on the relationship between two groups.

Consider: the client’s office is in the U.S., someone had to stop and think about how well the job was done, the decision was made to recognize the successful completion, the gourmet cookies had to be purchased (not sure if the were smuggled across the border or bought in Canada) and last, but definitely not least, shipping had to be considered in light of the fact that smushed cookies are not as nice.  The team that works on this client’s business, headed by Tim, are smart, hardworking and wonderfully Canadian.  The fact that all members of the agency were able to sample the client’s appreciation made the cookies even sweeter.

In a day and age where openness, loyalty and genuinely friendly relationships between suppliers and clients is not the norm, this is a marvellous story.  It’s certainly not the cost and it’s not even about the cookies.  It’s about taking the time to express appreciation.

This little story that Tim shared made me think.  (Ouch)  How many opportunities do we miss over the course of a year to express appreciation.  I’m not talking about the obvious “thank you’s” but rather those creative touches that suprise the person on the other side, the touches that emphasize the depth of your appreciation.  A few I’m sure.

Without spending too much time considering the business implications behind this story, I think the story itself is a reward.  It’s simply about good people on both sides doing their very best work and letting each other know that they value one another and the product of their business relationship.

Thanks Tim for sharing the moment.

Tim, a leader in the Business Solutions team, loves family, photography, snowmobiling and good people.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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