Rush Hour

Actually, that’s a very apt title.  This is rush hour.  I’m dashing about getting organized to attend a workshop at Fleming College (sponsored by Haliburton County Development Corporation), trying to plan arrangements with building officer for the permit for renovations for the Incubator, sorting our a pr release on the subject and squeezing in time to order new flooring for the Incubator.  Pack in some radio program prep, a clay project on the go and assorted “honey would you please….” tasks and you can call it a day.  About five minutes ago the REAL rush hour of Eagle Lake took place.  I thought everyone in the “Big Smoke” and the “Golden Horseshoe” would appreciate this.

Will the rush hour never end???????

Obviously, this little group of happy wanderers haven’t heard the warning about staying off the ice.  Must be the more direct route to Tim Horton’s.

Have a great day everyone.  It may be the last sunny day for a while.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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