Friday Night .. Another Gig

Showered, shaved and a splash of cologne and I’m all set.  I took it easy on the cologne … I don’t want people’s nasal passages to heal over.  

Tonight it’s the 2nd Annual Scotty Morrison Hockey Tournament banquet.  Once again I perform as the pseudo-auctioneer, and we have some delightful items for hockey fans.  Of course, being proud as punch of our boy Matt Duschene (with the Colorado Avalanche), we have a signed jersey from Matt.  We also have a signed Hayley Wickenheiser Olympic Canadian Team jersey … I think that will be a biggie.  For fans of the Canadiens a framed 100th Anniversery poster signed by Frank Mahovalich, Yvonne Cournoyer, Serge Savard and Larry Robinson.  How sweet is that.

Last year the tournament weekend raised over $18,000 for Community Care Haliburton County and I would expect it will do at least as good this year.  Scotty puts his heart and soul into this weekend and because he is so respected (and, can I say “loved”?) people rally around in support. 

Our marvellous chefs at Rhubarb are doing the catering so we know the meal will be mahvaloos!  It shouldn’t go terribly late but if it does I can always go straight to Canoe Fm for the morning show (  Plan on lots of “back to back” music.

Gotta get on my horse.  I like to arrive early.  I want to beat the rush of retired hockey players and their physiotherapists.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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