Coals to Newcastle

Turns out I created a handbuilt clay art trophy for myself.  Some of you may remember Phusus.


Last night I was shocked out of my shoes to be awarded the Highlander of the Year award.  I felt there were some very deserving people being considered and some who, in my opinion, were equivalent to 3 of me.  Thus the shock.

According to the program “The Highlander of the Year Award recognizes the contributions and community leadership demonstrated by individuals for the benefit of the Haliburton Highlands.”  It goes on for a while and then concludes with “The Highlander of the Year is a community booster and a true ambassador for the Haliburton Highlands.”  Phew!  Better widen the doorway.

The award was ever more suprising considering that as M.C. for the evening I had spent close to a half hour recounting our foibles and sticking pins in some delicate areas of the County.  I guess it’s true, laughter is good medicine. 

The ladies and gentlemen attending the event represented all areas of County life including business, education, the arts, agriculture, NFP and charitable organizations and politics. 

We had great fun and fellowship.  Some very good people and fine organizations were recognized (and then there was me?).  The Chamber staff and their volunteers put on an outstanding program.  It moved along well and I don’t think there was any point in the evening where we lost the audience.  Great team effort.

It’s a night I’ll long remember.  Everytime I look at the trophy I created I’ll have a smile.  Huh.  Coals to Newcastle.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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