Sophie the Dawg

Sophie arrived last Saturday.  She’s a mix of husky, collie and some shepherd and lab thrown in for good measure.  She arrived from the Moosonee Puppy Rescue, located in Bracebridge.  They are good folks and their story is an interesting one.

Our first visit with Sophie

It’s just like being a new parent all over again.  Getting used to a change in household routine, constant potty training, behaviour modification for the chewing and biting and making room for the love and the responsibility for a little 7 week old bundle of cuteness.

I love being outdoors!

As any new parent or new pet owner will tell you, the big challenge is rearranging how you attend to all the new requirements within the reality of all that you are normally faced with on a day to day basis.  It’s taken us the past five days just to get our head around how things will work during this baby puppy period.  When she takes a nap I take full advantage of the clear space.  For example, she’s sleeping right now.

Welcome Sophie.

She will be a cared-for and loved addition to our family.  She is different from our Shiloh and although I still miss him with a terrible ache there is lots of room for a new love.

Welcome Sophie.

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