Most of us have friends and we have associates, but likely as not you have a few true friends.  You know, the ones who have come through life with you and, despite any shortcomings you may have, they stand by you over the decades.  My oldest, dearest friends are two guys – Bob and Ray.  No, not the old comedy duo of radio days gone by – but just as hilarious at times.

Bob and Ray and I attended our high school reunion this past weekend.  Hill Park Secondary in Hamilton.  It is the 55th year of the school.  We were there – in the beginning.  Oh my gawd!   We started the evening with supper out and a bellyfull of laughs.

Bob, Mike and Ray

Bob was a geography teacher, consultant, author of two atlas’s and now, in his retirement, leads a science program for public school children on behalf of the Canadian Space Agency. He travels the world as a lecturer for some of the best cruise lines and is a dedicated Rotarian (not to mention a great story teller).  Bob can tell you the same story again and again (0ver the years) and they are still hillarious.  Lynne, his dear wife, would dispute that.

Ray was head of microbiology at St. Joseph’s hospital in Hamilton and in his retirement has enjoyed some cruises, loves being in his garden, enjoys great music, the theatre and books.  He, like Bob, has a great heart and despite his theatrical grumpiness, is loved by family and friends alike.

We had a grand time at the reunion, made even better because we were together again.  It was good to see old friends (emphasis on the old) and share some rememberances.  We finished off the evening with a picture.  I asked one of the “younger” alumni to take the picture because, as I explained to her, the van to take us back to our enclosure was about to arrive.  She found that pretty funny.

The Geezers of 60'/61'

The single most profound thing about the evening was that, despite the gray hair, the wrinkles and the waistlines, the smiles were still the same.  In some cases I didn’t recognize the person … but as soon as they smiled it all came back.  Isn’t that lovely!  Smiles bring back good memories.  It made the somewhat “dreaded” reunion all worthwhile.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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