We’re ready for visitors at the Sculpture Forest

This morning it was rake, sweep, wash and tidy at the Sculpture Forest.  Jim Blake, the Forest Curator lead our little band of 3 around the forest to ensure that visitors would be treated to our residents looking set for the season.

The highlight of the morning was a visit with Mary Anne Barkhouse, world renowned Canadian Sculptor, to discuss the installation of a new sculpture in the fall of this year.  It will be amazing.  We’ll tell you more in the coming weeks.  Here’s Jim Blake demonstrating size relationships on the BIG rock where the sculpture will rest.

Here? or Here? or Here?

As we worked out way through the forest we came upon two groups of happy tourists.  And we hadn’t even got our housework finished.  I always enjoy a stop at the Redwing Frond by Darlene Bolahood.  As the sun passes through this magnificent scuplture there is something totally mesmerizing.  It’s wonderful.

Three hours later, with a little sweat and toil, we were all done and ready for another great tourism season.  The Haliburton Sculpture Forest is free (donations greatfully received) and you can find out more at www.haliburtonsculptureforest.ca.   One of the wonderful things about being a volunteer member of the committee is that you get to use skills of all sorts.  And nary a blackfly … what a bonus!

Do come and visit.  There’s Magic in the Forest.

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