One Blessing of Summer’s End

I’m not a great fan of stairs.  And I definitely view the 50 steps  from the lake as an instrument of torture.  I know, I know.  It’s good for cardio.  It’s good for leg muscles.  It’s chance to clear your mind and focus on the top step.  Bullroar!  When I think of the number of times I’ve climbed those stairs, the kilograms of coolers, boat equipment and other necessities of summer I start to hyperventilate all over again. 

As I plan my last descent and ascent of those stairs for the 2010 season I am filled with delight.  They will soon be covered in snow, and then more snow.  This will mean that I have the perfect reason not to go down them again for the next five months.  “You wouldn’t want me to hurt myself, would you?”   Poor little me … with the big smile!

Back to Normalcy (?)

It felt good to get back on the air this morning.  So many calls and even a couple of drop ins saying how they were GLAD I lost in my bid for a council seat and was back at Canoe FM.  Delightful.  Myke Malone, GM of Winterfest 2011 (in the offices next door to Canoe)  popped in the studio along with his golden lab … the work continues on Ontario Senior Games.  Thank you all.


Driving into Haliburton on Highway 118 yesterday morning (about 10am) a bull moose pounded his way out of a wetland on the edge of town.  He went to the centre of the road and stood at the ready.  He was magnificent.  It was as if he had stepped out of a wilderness promotional announcement for Canada. 

Not as overwhelming as the real thing ... one of my clay art pieces with improvised background.

A monochromatic black/brown, muscles taut, the size of small building and with a head dress equally as impressive.   In his stance it was as if he was daring vehicles on both sides of him to try and make a move.  In a split second, as though remembering that the orange jacketed gun-totin’ hunting pack had until Saturday to bring him down, he turned and bolted into the bush behind a favourite drinking spot, the Northwood.  Cars moved to where he had been and everyone stopped to watch his exit. 

It is impossible not to be moved by the raw beauty of a fully developed bull moose.  It goes without saying that with the respect goes a healthy dose of fear.  I’m sure the other drivers had the same thought, “geez, I hope he doesn’t take a dislike to my car!”

Watching the Mooscape (moose escape) was the highlight of the day.

Jumpin’ Jane Amazes Me!

Feast your eyes on these Flights of Fancy!

flight of fancy

This is a sneak peak into Jane’s studio where there has been an infestation of beautiful butterflies settling on pieces of driftwood.  Twenty-five to be precise.  Jane has donated 25 table centre pieces (for auction) for the HHHS Auxilliary’s Italian Night plus a donation to the Arts Exposed annual event.

Jane has been working on these for weeks and weeks.  The butterflys are an original design and thanks to her “jumpin ladies” from exercise class Jane was able to amass some lovely driftwood pieces.  We cleaned the driftwood & varathaned it while Jane was cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering, applying patina and polishing each piece.  We estimated it takes about a full day to do one piece, all in.  Thank goodness she loves glasswork.  Jane’s been doing it for more than 20 years (she started at the age of 2) and still gets great pleasure out of seeing work well done.  Her precision on all aspects is really beautiful to see.

Her energy and commitment (and kind intentions) on these types of projects leaves me almost speechless .   Well done my dear … and all for good causes.

It's, like, been forever

With the municipal election looming, and all that campaigning has entailed, I haven’t had a great deal of time to think about posts for this site.  A ‘tousand apologies.  Here it is the 19th of October and it’s a chilly start to the day in the Highlands.

Looking back, some interesting notes about this date.  On this date in 1957 Maurice “The Rocket” Richard became the first NHL player to score 500 goals…which pretty much guaranteed him a lock on that Grecian Formula sponsorship as soon as he wanted it.  And, today Marilyn Bell turns 73…. She became the first person to swim across Lake Ontario…..back before it got really easy because the pollution in the Lake would keep you afloat so you just had to paddle.

Nutritionists in Canada are concerned as the KFC Double Down hits Canadian stores….two slabs of season fried chicken sandwiching bacon, cheese and secret sauce.  While there was no perceivable increase in the number of people having heart attacks yesterday there was a significant rise in the number of men who lied to their wives about what they had for lunch.  Good news for residents in the Highlands, there’s not a KFC close by so your arteries are safe for the time being.

Have a great day!  Oh, and by the way, to any Moose reading this – head for the hills, the men in orange jackets are on the loose.

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