It's, like, been forever

With the municipal election looming, and all that campaigning has entailed, I haven’t had a great deal of time to think about posts for this site.  A ‘tousand apologies.  Here it is the 19th of October and it’s a chilly start to the day in the Highlands.

Looking back, some interesting notes about this date.  On this date in 1957 Maurice “The Rocket” Richard became the first NHL player to score 500 goals…which pretty much guaranteed him a lock on that Grecian Formula sponsorship as soon as he wanted it.  And, today Marilyn Bell turns 73…. She became the first person to swim across Lake Ontario…..back before it got really easy because the pollution in the Lake would keep you afloat so you just had to paddle.

Nutritionists in Canada are concerned as the KFC Double Down hits Canadian stores….two slabs of season fried chicken sandwiching bacon, cheese and secret sauce.  While there was no perceivable increase in the number of people having heart attacks yesterday there was a significant rise in the number of men who lied to their wives about what they had for lunch.  Good news for residents in the Highlands, there’s not a KFC close by so your arteries are safe for the time being.

Have a great day!  Oh, and by the way, to any Moose reading this – head for the hills, the men in orange jackets are on the loose.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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