Driving into Haliburton on Highway 118 yesterday morning (about 10am) a bull moose pounded his way out of a wetland on the edge of town.  He went to the centre of the road and stood at the ready.  He was magnificent.  It was as if he had stepped out of a wilderness promotional announcement for Canada. 

Not as overwhelming as the real thing ... one of my clay art pieces with improvised background.

A monochromatic black/brown, muscles taut, the size of small building and with a head dress equally as impressive.   In his stance it was as if he was daring vehicles on both sides of him to try and make a move.  In a split second, as though remembering that the orange jacketed gun-totin’ hunting pack had until Saturday to bring him down, he turned and bolted into the bush behind a favourite drinking spot, the Northwood.  Cars moved to where he had been and everyone stopped to watch his exit. 

It is impossible not to be moved by the raw beauty of a fully developed bull moose.  It goes without saying that with the respect goes a healthy dose of fear.  I’m sure the other drivers had the same thought, “geez, I hope he doesn’t take a dislike to my car!”

Watching the Mooscape (moose escape) was the highlight of the day.

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