One Blessing of Summer’s End

I’m not a great fan of stairs.  And I definitely view the 50 steps  from the lake as an instrument of torture.  I know, I know.  It’s good for cardio.  It’s good for leg muscles.  It’s chance to clear your mind and focus on the top step.  Bullroar!  When I think of the number of times I’ve climbed those stairs, the kilograms of coolers, boat equipment and other necessities of summer I start to hyperventilate all over again. 

As I plan my last descent and ascent of those stairs for the 2010 season I am filled with delight.  They will soon be covered in snow, and then more snow.  This will mean that I have the perfect reason not to go down them again for the next five months.  “You wouldn’t want me to hurt myself, would you?”   Poor little me … with the big smile!

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