A Life Lesson

We said goodbye to a dear friend on the weekend.  The hundreds of people that came to the church last Saturday was testament to the love that all these people had for this very special lady.

I’ve been thinking about how all those people fit.  I would guess that most of us performed small’ish parts in her life.  Though we have been loving friends for more than fifty years, it is true that we were but “bit” players in the life that she and her family made together.  The times that we spent together, and even when we weren’t close at hand, held special memories for us all.  We knew that.   But in spite of the fact that these gatherings were just small “parts”, there is a truth that I have discovered from the past two weeks.

The limited time that you might spend with one another is no measure of the impact that you have in another person’s life. 

Over the past ten days, within our family, we have shared the legacy that our dear friend left with us.  She was the epitome of gentle kindness, of a loving heart, of caring for others.  Her smile told it all . 

I felt the impact in these past few days and have felt a sadness that was ever so deep.  Saturday, I found myself among a throng of people who shared that same impact from her life.  We are richer for it and we will keep it with us.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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