Dangerous Downtime

Taking a holiday break is something you do at your peril.  A number of things happen (and you’re probably guilty of some of them).

Get Control.  Early into your vacation you talk about how good it is to be able to be together and do things as a couple.  This invariably leads to conversations and commitments to get life under control when you get back home.  Be careful.  Some of the passion of this discussion can lead to massive changes and revolution … cut back on work, cut back on volunteering, cut back on vehicles, cut back on … hold it!  Next thing you know we’ll be cutting back on cigars. 

How things should be.  Another danger is that, as the days go by your better half thinks the lifestyle of the rich and famous is what the norm should be.  No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry.  The worry is not that this is considered “real” but rather that the re-entry can be extremely difficult and create disharmony and outlandish expectations of your role, once back at the homestead.

You’re old.  All-inclusive locales attract an amazing cross section of people, from all over the world.  The honeymooners and the young exhuberants stand out from the crowd.  You admire their sweet faces and proportioned body forms, and all is good…until you stand in front of a mirror and realize that time is taking its toll on your physiogamy and various parts of your body.  When did that happen?   Must have been in the past few days!  I’m sure I wasn’t that deformed a few days ago. 

So, beware.  There are huge consequences of having too much time to contemplate, to savour the delights and see yourself in mirrors.  I’m thinking of wearing a shroud.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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