Ever felt like your head’s coming apart.  For the past week I’ve had this blanket spasm across my shoulders, up the right side of the neck and to the point at the top of my head.  The teeth ache so bad (how bad do they ache?) that you can’t bear to touch them together.  Each day is an effort. 

I had the same thing happen about six weeks ago and it took ages for a return to normalcy.  I happened to go to the doctors while I was having the first bout and after I described the pain, the locations, the agony (what a whiner!) he thought for a moment and then, very pensively, said Hmmm.  Not HMMMMMM (rising crescendo).  Just Hmmm.  In that moment I was left to divine what he meant by this modest response:  “suck it up fella”, “it’s going around and it’s fatal”, “I missed that class in med school”, “it’s a muscle ache for god’s sake”, or perhaps he was working up to the classic “take two Advil and a muscle relaxant and call someone in the morning (not me, I don’t do housecalls)”.    I loped out, still in pain, but glad I had had a professional medical opinion.

I got better in time for holidays and then, a day after we returned, it reared its ugly head again.  A touch better today, but sure as heck I’m not going to share it with the doctor.  One more Hmmm could push me over the edge.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

One thought on “Head-plosion”

  1. Hi Mike,
    Wow… sounds like you need another holiday! Hope you feel a lot better soon.
    Best wishes, Jamie

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