Thanks Lions District A16 and Dog Patch Dollies

Saturday was quite the day.  

I started off with a breakfast presentation to the Lions District A16 at their annual conference being held at Pinestone Resort.  There are 56 Lions Clubs and 11 Lioness Clubs in the district.  Lion David Mills invited me to the event and suggested that it be light and humorous.  Not too much pressure.

I took the topic of volunteering.  It turned out just great.  They were a terrific audience, responding with laughter at such sparkling lines as “I’ve eaten so many stuffed chicken breasts over the years that I’ve got pin feathers coming out of my butt!”.  The 20 minutes went by in a flash and I thank them one and all for their standing applause at the conclusion.  I was delighted to donate my honorarium to Camp Kirk – a major undertaking of the District.  What a fine group of people.  The do important work in their home communities as well as around the world.

After a rush home and some work outside (what an incredibly beautiful day) we went to the fund raiser dance for the Dog Patch Dollies at the West Guilford Community Centre.  The Dog Patch Dollies is a group of women who are entered as a team in the upcoming Relay For Life.  The event take place June 10th, as it will in communities far and wide.

I was delighted to be the MC for the evening as well as their auctioneer.  Golly, we had some fun.  And the ladies prepared a fabulous home-cooked roast beef supper.  Mmm-mmm.   Ron Murphy did the DJ gig and we had a great night dancing to some of the great gold of Rock n Roll.

Today we’re feeling a little bleery-eyed, but for some reason (the beautiful Miss) Sophie doesn’t understand that this may have to be a day of rest.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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