Festival Singers were marvellous

I was delighted to be the program host for the Highlands Festival Singers (under the direction of Melissa Stephens) last evening … and what a wonderful program they had.

It's a program that makes you feel like dancin'

The massed voices of the men and women of this wonderful group took us through the decades featuring music that was about dance and good to dance to.  From the 1920’s to a medley of music of the 70’s, the program was a huge hit with the audience.

My personal show stopping moment was the beautiful “unforgettable” .. the classic Nat King Cole song.  As I stood in the wings I was sure that I was listening to one of my favourite recordings.  It was that perfect.

Wayne Cooper on piano moseyed his way through some pretty challenging pieces and was just excellent in his accompaniment to the singers.  Wayne performed in “Oh Coward” last weekend and Beth Kipping, another star of that show, is a member of the Festival Singers.  No need to mention that Melissa Stephens did the music for “Oh Coward” … there’s barely a musical event in the county (including church choirs) that Melissa isn’t a part of (and the county is richer for that).

Today’s show starts at 3 P.M. and I think there are only a few seats left.  Join us at the Northern Lights Pavilion and bring a song in your heart.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

One thought on “Festival Singers were marvellous”

  1. ‘Unforgetable.’.. is a also a personal favourite or mine as well… Thanks for mentioning it Mike!
    Best wishes and hope all is well with you and yours…. Jamie

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