One thought on “Attention all gerkins! Pickleball is coming!”

  1. Hi Mike…………I enjoyed talking to you this a.m., although I probably sounded a little nervous; I don’t get interviewed by the media too often.

    Anyways, part of the nervousness was really ‘excitement’ being able to talk the game of Pickleball……………did I say that I love the game. Because of my tennis background, I took to the game almost like a fish in water and people often ask me which sport I like most; I have to tell you that since I have been playing tennis since my teen years, it is a tough question to answer but the more I play Pickleball, I sorta feel it slowly taking over!

    It is much more addicting than tennis, I believe the exercise value is much more beneficial, especially when you become more accomplished and play more competitive games.

    Our group of experienced players are really looking forward to coming up to Minden on Friday and introducing this fast growing sport to the Haliburton/Muskoka area; the more people playing this sport, the more established it will get and for the older folks, it will eventually leave tennis behind in our ‘slip stream’…………lol.

    Thanks again,
    Roy Wilson

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