If you think this sucks!

Penelope Trunks writes, “Your earning potential pretty much tops out at age 40. This is because your skills become increasingly valuable until you amass fifteen years’ experience, at which point you’ve hit a peak. According to statisticians at PayScale.com, in all fields except law, people are not paid more money for experience beyond fifteen years.  This means that to remain relevant and continue to increase your value, you are going to have to learn skills outside of your field.”

Yup, that’s the way it works.  Now ZOOM ahead to 65.  The same circumstances exist but if you intend to stay in the workforce you  stand very little chance (unless you own the place) of earning what you are worth … even with new skills and concerted effort to, not only remain relevant, but to continue to be an agent of change.  Sad to say, wrinkles tend to get in the way.  The new reality is to not be disappointed but rather work with what you’ve got and use your passion for being involved to remain vital.

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