Total Fire Ban – but who knows about it?

Both Dysart and Minden Hills have fire bans and, for the most part, residents are aware of this through radio and newspaper news items.  But what about our cottagers/renters?  Many come up to their cottage or their rentals and simply kick back, without paying any attention to local media.  They are clearing their minds of any outside interruptions while they regenerate their batteries … except for Facebook, Twitter and emails from the office.  An evening campfire is likely part of their holiday activities…not knowing they shouldn’t be doing it.

A suggestion.  Each grocery, variety, beer and liquor store be provided with signs that indicate FOREST FIRE DANGER – HIGH.  Absolutely no burning of any type until further notice.  Check with www.(municipality).ca.  An email would go out to the stores advising them of the start of a fire ban, and another one when it ends.

Most vacationers will see this within 24 hours of arriving at the cottage … and it gets the message out fast.

And what about Fireworks??  Do we allow the use of Fireworks during a fire ban?  I would hope not.  We all love to see fireworks, but it only take one accident or one silly person to create a real bad situation.

I’m just sayin’.  You know?

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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