Sophie Saves A Friend

We’re very proud of our little girl today.

This morning Sophie and friends were on a pack “walk & play”.  Towards the end of the hike the four ladies realized that one of the members wasn’t with the group.  Scout, the Jack Russell was missing.  It was obvious there was a problem as she loves to be part of the team.

The search back up the ski hill, on this rather misty, drizzly morning didn’t draw forth any response despite calling and whistling.  Sophie meanwhile focused on one area of the hill – a large pile of stones. It seemed like a good idea to investigate what Sophie was signalling.

Adjacent to this mound of stones, in the midst of raspberry canes and overgrowth, the ladies discovered a large hole.  It was obviously something a gopher or medium sized animal was using as an access to an underground condominium.

Sure enough, down the hole beyond easy view, was Scout.  Stuck as good as could be.  Scout had wiggled down the hole but it was so tight she couldn’t get any purchase to back out of the hole.  Angela Bishop waded through the brambles and overgrowth and then reached down the hole to grab Scout’s tail.  With a steady pull Scout was released from the grip of this underground trap, and thankfully, no worse for wear.

If it hadn’t been for Sophie’s tracking ability and her silent communication Scout may have been there for quite a while.  She demonstrated what it is to be a good friend.

Sophie got extra cookies today.

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