Should be a fun week on Canoe FM .. even Rick Mercer may join us for a few minutes

This coming week we’ve got some interesting folks lined up to chat with us:

Monday at 8.10am, Dave Roylance, will talk about getting all those gizmos ready for winter … lawnmower, outboard, chainsaw, generator and of course the snowblower.  Dave’s got 20 years experience keeping outdoor products, home appliances and special equipment running.  Being a dolt, he’s going to give me some advice.

Tuesday at 8.10 am, Carol Moffatt and Kate Hall will join us to talk about the Rail Trail consultation process and the upcoming public sessions.  Find out how you can have a voice.

Tuesday at about 8.30 am, Rick Mercer may be checking in with us to talk about the popularity of his Rants.  You won’t want to miss that.

Wednesday, Tudor Holton, co-hosts with us and once again we’ll try and figure out what this crazy Aussie is try to tell us (love that accent.)

Thursday, The Snake Man, Matt Ellerbeck joins us by phone and we will be discussing why we should be more loving of this species …guess we won’t discuss recipes. Boy, talk about the Christmas gift for the man who has everything!  Matt’s conservation message and his drive to raise the consciousness about endangered snake populations has earned him respect on both sides of the border.

Friday, plans are still in the works but we hope to have another great guest for the 8.10 am spot.

Join us each morning 7 to 9 am on Canoe Fm.  If you enjoy what we’re doing, spread the word.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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