A Season of Delights

The past few weeks have seen a constant stream of events and activities which help celebrate the Christmas season and, in most cases, generate food, gifts and needed funds for those in need of that support.  Haliburton County and its communities, like many small, rural areas, takes the plight of those in need very seriously.  We know that our county holds the dubious honour of being one of the poorest areas in Ontario.

Parades, concerts of all musical varieties as well as church activities, social aid fundraisers, bake sales and sports tournaments have all held out their hands asking for our support.  I’d love to make a list for you but it would go on for pages.  Our residents, bless their hearts, give and give again.

December 21st the students of Haliburton High put on their annual Tribute Talent Show, titled “In The Spirit”.  Elke Zilla and her amazing students invited some of us from the community to participate along with them.  Brilliant idea.  It brings residents other than parents and students into the audience.  This reinforces our support for the school and students, and on the other side, it demonstrates to the general community what talented and spirited young people we have in our high school.

The audience was packed to standing room only.  They had a wonderful evening as evidenced by their enthusiastic applause, and when appropriate their laughter and their cheering.

Dame Beatrice live in Haliburton

I had the pleasure of participating, in a newly created guise, as Dame Beatrice … a visitor from over the pond.  I am a great fan and admirer of Dame Edna and, in tribute to her, I shaped a pale rendition for the purposes of this special evening.  The link to this performance is: http://youtu.be/T-2lQAd4UjY

Dame Beatrice "In The Spirit"

Thank you to Beth Kipping for the loan of the delightful hair piece (in the most lovely shade of mauve), Haliburton Vision Care Centre for the wonderfully catty eye glasses, Currie Motors and the fellas in the paint shop for finishing the glasses in a hot Christmas red, my dear wife for the clothes I stretched out of shape and the Salvation Army Thrift Centre for shoes that fit (that’s another funny story for sometime down the road) and earrings that were to die for.

I dedicate this performance and the video to my family … that they might be mortified and embarrassed for years to come.

Merry Christmas to all.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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