I love interesting people

I love interesting people and that’s part of the reason I love to get into conversation with them.  This coming week on Canoe FM, just after the 8am News, we’ll be talking with some interesting folks.

Monday, Steven Kauffeldt will be chatting with us about Wilberforce’s entry into the Kraft Hockeyville competition.  Steve is a councillor with Highland’s East and we’ll find out how the community of Wilberforce can score in this national CBC competition.

Thursday, a special treat.  Most families take a moment each holiday season to watch that wonderful Christmas movie It’s A Wonderful Life.  The classic Frank Kapra movie starring Jimmy Steward and Donna Reed.  We’ll be chatting with Zuzu Bailey (Karolyn Wilkerson) .. who was 6 years old in the movie, the daughter of George Bailey.  We find out from Karolyn what the holiday season is like for her when people flock to her door to celebrate this perennial silver screen favourite.

Friday we’ll be chatting up Joe Passion … Joe will be coming to Northern Lights Pavillion on January 20th with his great “Great Balls of Fire” Show.  If you love Jerry Lee Lewis and great piano work, you’re gonna love this show.  Joe is a talented performer, with a wide range of musical abilities … we’ll find out about the man behind the song!

Wednesday, the lad from “Down Under”, Tudor Holton joins us for a bit of fun, from 7am to 9am.  Tudor says there’s nothing better than a veggie burger on “the barbie” … no wonder he loves Haliburton County, he can enjoy all the wood chips n dip he wants.

Hope you can join us next week on the Canoe.  Cup of coffee n a bit of fun, each morning 7 to 9am. 

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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