Celebrating Birthdays

Today is my birthday.  I share that to set the stage.  As you add years to your CV,  it become less about the actual event and more about the sentiments from people who care about you.  Not everyone can be in attendance at your happy occasion, but their good thoughts and intentions are known.  It’s fun to watch those that are able come to as they recognize the “special” day.

Family members fuss over meals, plan the campfire, anticipate the lighting of the birthday cigar, laugh at old stories and make jokes at the expense of one another – and this is the true celebration.

A birthday is a reason for people to come together, and the fact that they want to come together is a joy in itself.  So, if there is any reason to celebrate it’s not about a birth date it’s really about reaching out to one another, and reminding each of us that kindness and love are the greatest gifts of all.

Mike at Chamber

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