An Amazing Sunrise .. May 8th

Sitting at my desk, 5.30 am, prepping for this morning’s program on Canoe FM and the daybreak outside my window (facing ENE) is spectacular .. crystal clear sky of blue to beige and a rosy hue is the back drop to a land of dark shadow and streams of light in the perfectly still lake.  I pause to drink it in.

7 am this morning, Lorraine McNeil and I will be on the air, sipping our first cup of coffee and sharing the news and information you need to start your day.  Hope you can spare the time to join us.

After the 8am news we’ll be talking with Carol Moffat, Reeve of Algonquin Highlands.  It’s always a lively conversation and full of information of interest.

Good morning great day!Can We Talk?

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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