Momma’s Got a Whole New Gig (apologies to James Brown)

Jane has been painting up a storm … wine glass after wine glass. And now people are saying “hey, can I pay you to make some for me?” She is having such fun painting each one, and every one of them is an original design. No two of them alike … I don’t know how she does it.

Jane is working on about 4 dozen for a community fundraising event, and every wine glass is different. Pretty super stuff. Jane has a recent one that is wolf in full howl … and on the other side of the glass is a pine tree so when you look at it the wolf has a backdrop from the far side of the glass. Inventive. Here’s one she finished a few days ago of a monarch butterfly on a sunflower.


It get’s ’em every time.

The other day, the two characters wander onto our property, just outside my office window.


So I go out to talk to them, and I say “Look, up there, it’s Superman!”


Oh, man that was priceless, it get’s ’em every time!!!