All-Canadian Tomorrow Morning

Hope you’ll join us on the morning show tomorrow … we’ll be featuring All-Canadian and local music as we salute the day. It’s a day to be proud, a day to be thankful for our way of life and a day to make the commitment that we will protect that way of life by being involved in our communities and mindful that we are all brothers and sisters under a Canadian flag.

A mug with a big heart!
A mug with a big heart!

We’ll be live from 7am to 9am at 100.9 CanoeFm and Shawn Chamberlain will be dropping in the share the coffee pot. Hope you will drop in by tuning us in. Remember, it just ain’t radio without YOU!
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What a Sunrise! What a great Highlands day!

Yup, it was a beautiful light show at daybreak today … and we wish we could hang on to that fabulous start to the day. It could get a bit iffy.

Inside things will be bright as Lorraine and I charge into another day on 100.9 Canoe FM. Today our special guest after the 8am news is David Thomas, director of education for the Upper Canada District School Board. We talk about a peer mentoring program called “Link Crew”. It’s a program that faces down bullying in a most effective manner…and makes a real difference in student results in grade 9. Join us for this interesting discussion.

We’re live on 100.9 Canoe FM and on the web at

Thank you to Midland Rotary Club for such a warm welcome … it was a great visit to a beautiful town. I got a picture for posterity!!

Hump Day Dawn

It’s a hump day Wednesday morning on Canoe FM and today, with Lorraine as co-host, Reeve of Minden Hills, Barb Reid, will be our guest after the 8am news.
Hope you can join us, we have lots to cover … we just seemed to run out of time yesterday and couldn’t get through everything we had to share with you.
Mike at CKMP Midland_0001
Right after the show today I hit the road to Midland, ON, to give a little talk to the noon gathering of their Rotary Club. Looking forward to it. I started my working career there 50 years ago when, as a fresh faced youngster, I started on the air at CKMP in Midland. I started on the morning show, because no one else wanted to get up that early. I’ve been getting up early ever since.

We’re live at 100.9 or from 7 to 9 am. Remember, without you, it just ain’t radio.
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Our little Rae of Sunshine

Lorraine and I help kick off your Tuesday with a few smiles, good musics, news, information and a special guest. Just after the 8am news Tammy Rae will join us to talk about the change of name for Highland Media Arts and the Youth Media Lab, an exciting new project for ages 13 to 29 years of age.
tammy rae

It should be a dandy … don’t miss it. We’re live 7 to 9am at 100.9 CanoeFM or

Don’t forget … Radiothon auction prizes are now posted on … get your early bids in.

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Bright morning, big interview, big announcement

It’s a gorgeous sunrise over the Haliburton Highlands and thing will be sizzling on the show this morning. After the 8am news we’ll be talking with Al Lerman of Fathead and then at 8.30 am Neil Campbell joins us for a big (exclusive) announcement in support of Minden Flood Relief.

Fathead is live at the Dominion Hotel tomorrow night!
Fathead is live at the Dominion Hotel tomorrow night!

We’re live from 7 to 9 am, and Shawn Chamberlain joins us this morning for a super start to summer!

Tune in to 100.9 CanoeFM and See yah on the radio!

A Manley Man will join us!

Reeve Dave Burton isn’t available for the Reeve’s Report, sooo, lucky for us, Dan Manley was banging at the door, dying to come and tell us about the next event on behalf of the Highlands Wind Symphony. The Symphony just completed their spring concert last weekend. Next up on Dan’s musical schedule is the orchestra fund raiser at Stouffer Mill B&B this weekend. Join us just after the 8 am news to get all the details on this event.

Dan Manley, our manly man!
Dan Manley, our manly man!

We have a season pool pass to give away for Cardif pool and a morning full of fun. Plus, on the news you’ll hear about an outstanding event in support of the Minden Flood Relief. You won’t want to miss that.
It’s all this morning on 100.9 Canoe FM and
A great sunrise is an indicator of a great day ahead! Hope you can join us.

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He Sings, He’s Funny

Derek McGrath is our guest just after the 8 am news. Derek will be at the Haliburton Museum Friday night for a concert sponsored by the folk society. Derek’s bringing a great band with him so it should be a fun night. Many folks will remember Derek for Little Mosque on the Prairie as the sometimes befuddled preacher.
derek mcgrath
Join Lorraine McNeil and I for good times on a Tuesday morning. We’re live from 7 to 9 am at 100.9 or

A survivor’s story

Tonight is the Relay for Life, and we have a story that guys should hear. Lorne McNeil is a cancer survivor and his story is not only interesting to hear it’s also contains some important learning that we can all take to heart. Listen just after the 8am news for Lorne’s story.
Lorne copy
Shawn chamberlain will be with us and it should be a great end to the week. Hope you can join us from 7 to 9 am on 100.9 CanoeFM or

Tomatoes in Space

Actually, it’s called Tomatosphere, an award winning program from the Canadian Space Agency.
tomatosphere logo
Marie-Lee Zahab, a grade 2/3 immersion teacher at Stuart Baker is putting this unique science program into her grade 3 class … and Bob Morrow, consultant with the Space Agency, is in charge of the Tomatosphere program. They are our guests after the 8am news this morning. Here we see astronaut Bob Thirsk with the seeds in space!
tomatosphere thirsk-and-seeds
Join Lorraine McNeil and I for a fun Thursday morning … news, sports and a great giveaway prize coming up too. It’s going to be just the bestest 2 hours you’ve had. 7 to 9 am on 100.9 Canoe FM and Spread the word!

We’ll Fitz things up

This morning Lorraine McNeil and I will have as our guest one the wonderful Fitzgerald clan members … their show is coming to Haliburton this Saturday and it’s a “must see” event at the Northern Lights Pavilion. Everything Fitz is a family band featuring the high-energy fiddling and percussive step dancing of four of Canada‚Äôs finest young musicians. Join us after the 8am news for this interview and some of their great music.

Join Lorraine and I for a fun morning from 7 to 9am. Cloudy, wet weather won’t matter … we’ll have a coffee and a smile to keep us dry.

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