What a Sunrise! What a great Highlands day!

Yup, it was a beautiful light show at daybreak today … and we wish we could hang on to that fabulous start to the day. It could get a bit iffy.

Inside things will be bright as Lorraine and I charge into another day on 100.9 Canoe FM. Today our special guest after the 8am news is David Thomas, director of education for the Upper Canada District School Board. We talk about a peer mentoring program called “Link Crew”. It’s a program that faces down bullying in a most effective manner…and makes a real difference in student results in grade 9. Join us for this interesting discussion.

We’re live on 100.9 Canoe FM and on the web at http://www.canoefm.com

Thank you to Midland Rotary Club for such a warm welcome … it was a great visit to a beautiful town. I got a picture for posterity!!

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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