There’s a traitor in our midst


Tom Taylor sets up the premise in a terrific thriller called Brock’s Traitor. This historical thriller is set during the war of 1812 .. just after General Brock is killed. It’s a great way to take in the history of our time and enjoy a great read at the same time. Tom is our telephone guest this morning just after the 8am news.

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Is it Shawn or is it Sean … actually, it’s both!!!!!

Yep, it’s the tale of two for today … Shawn Chamberlain co-host with us this morning and Sean Pennylegion is popping in after the 8am news to regale us with tales and topics regarding the Forest Festival for 2013. This annual event which features many of Canada’s great musical talents is coming up in August.




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In the weather … a great day on the way! Lotsa sunshine.

5 Months to Christmas Day


I haven’t even started to think about my Christmas shopping, although I must reveal, my wife has. Whaaa!!!!

Looking like a nice day in front of us .. lotsa mist on the lakes this morning.

Today, Lorraine McNeil and I will chat with Angela Andrews and Dave Tranter about the upcoming Minden 150 bike tour … it’s a great event, and it will raise funds for the Minden Flood Relief.

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Toast in the morning

Red Sky in Morning, Radio Guy’s Warning


Sorry ’bout the headline. Couldn’t resist. A glorious red sky may in fact be a harbinger of wet weather. Due to roll in late this morning … but gone by this evening.

Open Water Swim on Boshkung
Open Water Swim on Boshkung

This morning we’re going to try and do the interview that, due to technical problems, did not air last week. Kathryn Haggis will talk about the Open Water Swim on Boshkung Lake happening on September 7th. The event will launch from Buttermilk Falls and it’s a fun raiser for Variety Village. Join Lorraine McNeil, Kathryn and I after the 8am news for this conversation.

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“Can’t do a thing with my hair!!!”

This hot, humid weather just plays havoc with hair, and although I am somewhat follickly challenged it does send the remnants into a curly frenzy. Another hot one for us all.
Shawn Chamberlain joins us this morning and, after the 8am news, we’ll be chatting with Lisa Barry about what’s new at the Stanhope Heritage Day. It’s on tomorrow. CanoeFM will be doing live cut ins from the event.

stanhope hertiage 2

We had real phone problems yesterday morning and our planned interview with Kathryn Haggis was deep six’d. Good news, we all fixed up and we’ve asked Kathryn to join us next Tuesday after the 8am news to talk about the Variety Village fundraiser on Boshkung Lake.

Boshkung sswim

Hope you can join us today. I definitely need a coffee or two to get this steamy morning underway!

Toast in the morning

Another Big Start To The Day


Kathryn Haggis will be our guest after the 8am news .. talking about the Boshkung Swim Marathon in support of Variety Village. Kathryn will tell us about the who, where, what and why of this fabulous event.
Boshkung sswim

Jamie McMahon pops in at 8.30 am to talk about the Youth Unlimited “Family Fun-a-thon” which will take place on July 31st. It really sounds like it will be a fabulous fun time for youngsters.

Youth Unlimited
Lorraine and I are looking forward to having your company as we start the early hours of your day. Join us 7 to 9 am today! 100.9 Canoe FM and
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Cookin’ up another dandy…..

Well, that could refer to the weather or it could refer to this morning’s show … it’s certainly gonna be another hot, hot day. There’s a humidex warning issued .. that means don’t leave your cold beer unattended for more than 2 minutes or you’ll be drinking a sweaty soup!
This morning Dave Burton is our guest on the Reeve’s Report after the 8am news. Following Dave, we’ll be talking about Dusk Dances with guests Sylvie Bouchard (Festival Director) and Nicole Rallis. Dusk Dances begins tomorrow night and runs right through the weekend.
a dusk dance  2013_home_comingsoon_Haliburton
Lorraine McNeil is with us this morning to make some trouble and help us start the day with a big smile.
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She Gonna Be a Hot One baby!

Yep, another hot day in the highlands … thank goodness for the rivers and lakes in our region. Unfortunately, they are like warm baths … so not too much cooling there. Protect yourself … there is a humidex advisory for the Haliburton Highlands.
This morning, Lorraine McNeil and I will welcome Jack Russel (no relation to dog breeding) and we will talk about the Highland Yard 2013, which will take place on August 4th. Join us for an interesting chat.
Lorraine and Mike TODAY copy
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A Fabulous Friday Morning starts with CanoeFM


What a delicious start to the day … clear sky, still waters and a northern freshness in the air that is like an elixir. I’m soaking it in as we launch that day at CanoeFM.

Joining me this morning will be Shawn Chamberlain, and just after 8am two guests, Dale Walker, Exec Dir of the Haliburton Highlands Health Services Foundation and David Zilstra, board member and chair of the Rotary Charity Golf Classic.
dale and dave
Close out the week with a bit of fun with your news, sports, weather and good conversation!
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