Cookin’ up another dandy…..

Well, that could refer to the weather or it could refer to this morning’s show … it’s certainly gonna be another hot, hot day. There’s a humidex warning issued .. that means don’t leave your cold beer unattended for more than 2 minutes or you’ll be drinking a sweaty soup!
This morning Dave Burton is our guest on the Reeve’s Report after the 8am news. Following Dave, we’ll be talking about Dusk Dances with guests Sylvie Bouchard (Festival Director) and Nicole Rallis. Dusk Dances begins tomorrow night and runs right through the weekend.
a dusk dance  2013_home_comingsoon_Haliburton
Lorraine McNeil is with us this morning to make some trouble and help us start the day with a big smile.
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Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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