G.P. Partland of the Partland Brothers is our guest this morning!


Uh Huh, right after the 8am news Lorraine and I will be talking with G.P. Partland. The Partland Brothers will be on the “bill” for the After the Flood concert on August 3rd in Kinmount. They’ll join Jim Cuddy and Greg Keeler, plus Cuff the Duke for the huge fundraiser for the Minden Hills Flood Relief Fund.
Partland Brothers 1
Over 1000 tickets have been sold so far and at least 600 are still available.
Tickets still are available online at madeinhaliburton.ca or at Organic Times in Minden, Kent Bookstore in Lindsay, the Photo Shop in Haliburton, Gateway Variety in Kinmount, and Moondance in Peterborough.
without you it ain't radio
Join Lorraine and I this morning from 7 to 9 am … always fun, occasionally mildly interesting!

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A Double Day!


Today, Lorraine and I will have TWO guests on the morning program. On the Reeve’s Report after the 8am news, Murray Fearrey will join us to talk about the goin’s on in Dysart and Haliburton Village.

Then, about 8.30 am, that great guy from Pinestone Resort, Matthew Phillips, will join us to join the gab about Pinestone Unveiled … a special event for LOCALs!

Pinestone event

Oooo it’s gonna be a fun morning! Plus, news, sports and weather & chat about this n that.

In case you’d like to see the short 10th anniversary video I cobbled together … here’s the link. It’s a nice story, is support of a special year for Canoe FM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwKgZ_NhXd8

He's a good eggwithout you it ain't radio

So, What Did You Expect;?


A nice day maybe? Who knows? The forecast is still for stupid unsettled weather … aaargh! I swear the skitters and blackflies are getting bigger.

We brave the hazy morning to join you from 7 to 9 am on Canoe FM. Shawn Chamberlain joins us, as per usual, on this Monday morning.

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The Radiothon will be a hard act to follow … boy, what an incredible two days. Over $26,000 raised to help community radio in Haliburton County move forward for another year. It was great to see so many supporters and loyal fans of the station. A great day indeed, a perfect 10th anniversary celebration. Thanks to all who came to help us celebrate.

In case you missed it Saturday … Charles got his mummy (The Queen) to call, and she designated us an ARRS (Approved Royal Radio Station.) A proud moment … thanks Charlie. There were smiles all ’round, and a few chuckles!


A listener breaks my code (they think)

Mike at Chamber

“In part, because I’ve now made signifiant progress in “breaking” the Mike Jaycock Radio Speak Code. I feel like Sherlock Holmes breaking Professor Moriarty’s evil code.

I’ve studied Mike’s speech pattern for many months, including his cadence, tone, rhythm, intonations and my perception of his facial expressions (which is hard to do when listening to a radio).

So what I have learned? One example is his use of the word “Wonderful” as his “safety word”. This means it gets him out of trouble.

Here are some examples from actual interviews:
What he’s thinking; “Man this interview is boring”. What he said was , “that’s wonderful”.

On another interview:
What he was thinking: “This interviewee is a complete idiot”. What he said was, “what you’re doing is really wonderful”.

One other time:
What he was thinking: “Drop dead will you”. What he said was “Wow this is so wonderful”

He doesn’t always use his safety word, so you have to really dig to find out what he was thinking.

For example, in a recent interview:
What he was thinking was , “This woman has no clue that the WAY she says things really pisses of our audience and lessens her credibility as an important person ” . What he said was “Well thanks for coming in an straightening this out for our audience, (name withheld)”.

Phew … just when you think people don’t listen closely, someone is out there trying to crack your secret code. A code that took decades to perfect … and now it will have to be revised. If I ever get my hands on this individual he/she will be brought to justice!

I have a feeling the person who wrote this may have been in a Moscow Airport waiting for asylum in Bolivia … hmmmmm!

July 4th … Happy Birthday to our U.S. friends!

Today, we fight our way through the morning haze to bring you another splendiferous start to your day on 100.9 CanoeFM.

Lorraine McNeil and I will be talking with Jim McKinnon this morning after the 8am news. Jim is with the Lion’s Club in Minden and we’ll be talking about their event a week on Saturday … a big hospital fundraiser and yours truly is the master-of-ceremonies (what were they thinking??)

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Join us for a fun time, not a long time, from 7 to 9 am at 100.9 or at http://www.canoefm.com. ‘Tanks … ’cause without you it just ain’t radio!

Red Sky in the Morning, DJ’s warning!

rain sun cloud

Yep, sorry to say 60% chance of rain today and about 23 celcius.  Oh, hey, let’s make it a great day anyway.  Today, Lorraine McNeil joins us and we have an interview guest just after the 8am news. 

Yesterday I was thrilled to have my 11 year old grandson, James, along for the show.  What a trooper … getting up early and trudging to the station with me.  Thanks James … you’re a great guy, and you make a good mug of tea!

A reminder that this Friday and Saturday is our Canoe FM Radiothon.  It’s your chance to show your support for community radio in the highlands and you get a chance to bid on some great auction items.  You can go to www.madeinhaliburton.ca to see the auction items and make an advance bid on some amazing packages.  Join us for the fun.  On the morning show, we’ve got a huge $ number to try and reach, so please ask the neighbours to listen too and then make a donation, a challenge and a bid.

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