A Soggy Slog this Morning

09aForecast is for rain this morning but clearing by this afternoon. Maybe, just maybe, Lorraine McNeil and I can start your day of on a brighter note. We’re live on CanoeFM from 7 to 9 am. That’s 100.9 or http://www.canoefm.com.
Eric Duhatschek
This morning, in our first hour, we’ll play an interesting chat we had earlier this week with Eric Duhatscheck, hockey writer for the Globe and Mail. Eric and 11 members of his family are going to the After the Flood concert Saturday night.


In our second hour, right after the 8am news, David Mills and Glen Carter, stars of The Sunshine Boys (opening next week at the Highland Summer Festival), will share some schtick with Lorraine and I. It should be fun.
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