Live, Laugh and Learn day!

Today I’ll be over in L’Amable, just past Bancroft, at Dungannon Hall, to speak about living as a Boomer & Zoomer. It should be a lot of fun. This is the first of a series of mobile lectures being put on by the Haliburton Highlands Chapter of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons. Donna Gagnon is the lead off speaker talking about researching your family history. Donna runs WeGoBack and is well-known in our area.
Mike promo shot close cut copy
Today is September 3rd, and the weather is shaping up to give us some cool overnight temperatures just to let us know that “things are-a-changing”

Some families have got the young-uns heading back to school today and I’m sure there’ll be a lot of excitement and confusion connected with that. Good luck all.

Lorraine McNeil and I will be on the air at 7am to start your day, on 100.9 CanoeFM. Hope you can join us for the fun and information.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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