Michael and Jane Jaycock

Jane and I at the Chamber 2

Jane and I lived in Haliburton County for 19 years, although we owned the property before that.  Jane is a glass artist and my art of preference is hand built clay art and sculpture.. although I’ve been known to dabble in more than should be allowable to one person.  I was the Manager of the Haliburton Creative Business Incubator and Jane volunteered with the Hospital Auxilliary.  I had the pleasure of hosting the morning radio show on Mondays on Canoe FM (www.canoefm.com) from 7am to 9am and The Drive Show on Fridays from 3 to 6pm.  During week I interview one of our 4 mayors and our County Warden for The Mayor’s Report. For 7 or 8 years I produced The Highland’s Christmas Shindig in support of Fuel for Warmth (assisting those in need of winter fuel.) It was all volunteer, but we had a lot of fun. We moved to Ingersoll, Ontario in 2021 to be closer to family and to downsize our responsibilities and we are pleased to be part of this small community. We are both members of the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre and members of the curling club.

We continue to explore our arts and enjoy Oxford County with the company of our scamp of a dog, Ollie.

Here’s a lovely pic of Jane, showing Olympic form

6 thoughts on “Michael and Jane Jaycock”

  1. Mike the genieus that I am, i may have sent this note a moment ago but here it is again:
    Thanks again for your help. I seem to be having a problem locating the new site in that I can reach it through dashboard and then clicking on Misunderstoodwoodcarver which is showen on the site. I had asked Laurie Jones and my brother to look up the site and they were unable to find it. I then tried to find it using something other than dashboard and could not. I noticed however that the site that comes up through dashboard comes up as “misunderstoodwoodcarver.wordpress.com” while your site comes up as “mikejaycock.com”. This may be the reason for the problem. I was also thinking (I do that on occasion after Marilyn plants the seed) that my name should be in the site for location by friends. So perhaps “rydbergwoodcarving”. In any event I am in no hurry to get this fixed so whenever you have some time let me know. Thanks again Mike.


  2. Hi Mike!

    I did NOT know you had 35+ years in the wonderful world of Marketing & Communications. My major career was in the field of Marketing & Promotions (or the Used Car Salesman of Advertising as I refer to it!) in Production. I LOVE your comment that you were an overnight success in 35 years.

    I guess I can say the same only knock off a decade (no, no – I know you are not that much older than me!?). I WORKED at ICA and badgered Peter Zarry, then President of Spitzer, Mills & Bates, at the end of every Board Meeting held at ICA until I got an entry level job at SM&B thanks to him (and of course my skills – such as they were at the time!).

    I worked my way up to Production Director and Marketing & Promotion Group (Leo Slocombe & Mike Preston – know them by chance?) – I adored working there and for them.

    I am so happy to be a part of the Canoe FM “wonderlings”! I am still chortling at your remark about the French content at yesterday’s meeting. As a matter of fact, I’m still grinning whenever I think of you at the Gala. You were so funny!!

    I’m working as a Sales Representative for Parker Pad & Printing since Oct/2010. I live in Min-den-den and now work in Haliburton – Paradise FOUND!

    I still have to travel to Tronnah – my 87 year old mother lives there and as I am the only sibling here (1 sister in Vancouver and the other in Arizona) – I need/want to touch base with her every week. She lives alone (along with her beloved cat) and does quite well but we’re seeing signs of a slow(?- hopefully! – ) decline. She’s had a severe hearing problem but is computerized so we can communicate that way when she can’t hear me when I call her.

    In any case, for some reason, I thought you were on the air at CHUM ergo my “googling” you. I was wr, wr, wro…incorrect as I see from your webpage and information about you on Google.

    Enough of my blathering on here. See you around town!



    1. Wow, Maureen … your note brought back some good memories. Peter Zarry (the nutcase) was the course administrator for CAAP at the time that I took it. I loved his irreverent approach to life in general and we had many good moments in the 3 years of the course. I always remember him saying that the most important thing for an agency leader is to have the best accountant he can (screw the creatives, they’re a dime a dozen) because it’s all about getting the biggest bonus possible at the end of the fiscal year.
      Thanks for your note … I’m sure we can share some great agency war stories when we get a chance. You bet, see you around town. It will be a highlight of any day.

  3. Hi Mike;

    Read your story about CKMP in Midland and fully enjoyed your comments. I worked at that station from 1975 to 1979 as News Director. It, too, was my first venture into radio. Actually, Bill Brahma, worked with me around 1978, a few years before his passing. He had quite the set of pipes. He was good people.

    When I started at CKMP, Mr. Armstrong was still running the station and his son, Jim, was the guy who hired me.

    I fondly remember attending church services on Sunday and airing them live.

    As with you, I finally moved onward and worked in Brantford, Ottawa, Toronto at the old CKO radio network before heading to the U.S. and doing stints in Chicago and Los Angeles.

    However, some of those early radio memories were the best.
    Thanks for your memories.
    Brian W Hillier

    1. Thanks for the note Brian. I remember recording the church services .. on one occasion I forgot to rewind it and then the next Sunday when I played it, it was playing backwards. It took me 3 or 4 minutes to figure out how to run the tape across two pencils, reversing the direction. The church service went from something that sounded Chinese to a more understandable service. Golly, those were the days.

  4. Hello from Vancouver Mike!!! I am the Arlene of whom you speak. The oldest of the “Armstrong Clan” Your story brought back a lot of wonderful memories of “MP” radio. Mum and Dad (Bruce and Emma) are gone now but the rest of us Armstrong kids are still around. Jim is retired, living in Richmond Hill, summers at Port Severn: John (Cougar) also retired from radio and resides in Brandon, Manitoba: Bruce is still in the game at ROCK 95 Barrie as is Donnie who works for what used to be CKMP but is now an FM Country and Western station. Also want to say HI to Brian Hillier. Like each of you many young “would be announcers” got their start at the little 250 watt station over the shoe store in Midland. Good times

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