About Mike

A Thumbnail Overview

  • Emigrated from England as a tot (born nr. Leeds, Yorkshire)
  • Raised and schooled in Hamilton, Ontario (Hill Park SS)
  • Parents frequently cottaged in the highlands on a variety of lakes (Little Hawk, Big Hawk, Halls, Kashag, Mountain & more)
  • Owned property on Eagle Lake for 24 years
  • Permanent residents since 2003
  • Now residing in Ingersoll Ontario since 2021.
  • Married (Jane), father and grandfather

Background of importance

  • Early start as a broadcaster (CKMP – Midland & CKOC & CKLH – Hamilton)
  • Spent 35+ years in marketing and communications
  • Media Manager, Broadcast Producer (Hayhurst Advertising), Account Services, Creative Director and President at Kelley Advertising (as I like to tell young people, I was an overnight success in just 35 years).  Completed my career as VP Client Services for JAN Kelley Marketing – a wonderful time and a perfect transition to our current life (which I call phase III, because there is no such thing as retirement.)
  • Communication planning consultant to regional entrepreneurial businesses
  • Host on Canoe FM in Haliburton County for more than 19 years (a retirement gig)

Special Education Notes

  • Successfully completed the Advance Marketing Management Course at the University of Western Ontario
  • Trained leader with Synectics Corporation, Cambridge, Mass – creative problem solving
  • Certification from Institute of Canadian Advertising (CAAP university level 3 year course)
  • Certification from the Trans Canada Advertising Agency Network

Awards of Note

  • Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce Highlander of the Year for 2009
  • Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for service to the community
  • Premier’s Award (Ontario) for contributions to business education
  • “Mike” award from the Advertising Creative Excellence show
  • Advertising Person of the Year from the Canadian Advertising & Sales Clubs
  • Rotary Club Award for service to the community.

Community and Volunteer commitments

  • Former president and volunteer at 100.9 Canoe FM, for 19 years, host of the Morning Show and then Drive Show (www.canoefm.com)
  • Past member of Harvest Haliburton Committee
  • Past member of the Haliburton Sculpture Forest Committee
  • Past, Chair and member of Fleming College Foundation, Haliburton Friends
  • Past member of the management committee for Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion
  • Volunteer MC & guest speaker for community groups throughout Haliburton County.
  • Producer of annual fundraiser “Highlands Christmas Shindig” on behalf of Fuel for Warmth (helping those in need of help during cold winter months.)
  • Current member of the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre (clay sculpturing)

5 thoughts on “About Mike”

  1. Lorne, thank you for the note. At my age it’s wonderful to be remembered by anyone! Your memory serves you well on all counts, and what fond memories they are. The days of rock ‘n roll radio in the 60’s were the best times. We didn’t make any money but, boy, did we get to experience a lot in a short space of time. Those early days served me well.
    As you no doubt noted, I returned to those early roots as a volunteer at Canoe FM (www.canoefm.com) doing 3 morning shows a week (Wednesday through Friday) from 6am to 9am. The CRTC rules deemed it necessary to take a hiatus from the air waves during the election period (makes sense). I’m looking forward to returning to the air waves on October 27th and, following the election, either I’ll be telling political jokes or I’ll be one. If you want to see how I’ve “seasoned” we stream via the website.
    Lovely to hear from you.

  2. Hi Mike ! Happy New Year to you and Jane. I have been taking it easy with a bad back but hope to start back at curling tonight with Marilyn and if all goes OK, this Friday . Let me know when it would be convienient to meet about setting up my web site.

    1. Keith, sorry for the tardy reply. My gosh things have been hectic. I’ll give you a call today (Sunday the 16th) and we can arrange to get together at the library.

  3. Mr Jaycock
    Driving home early on a miserable labour day. I have a cottage on 12 mile lake and dad usually comes up long weekends and the occasional days in the middle of the week.
    My dad said he recognizes the voice but couldn’t place it so I googled. CKOC my favourite radio station when I was a kid – (loved Jason Roberts and spinorama) and won lots and my dad used to pick up the prizes for me
    My dad said you might have even played squash against you at the Hamilton squash club – Doug Mitchell and he worked at Stelco.

    1. How lovely to be remembered, from so many years ago. it’s very likely that your dad and I played squash. I certainly remember the name. He probably beat me, heh, heh!! Thank you for your kind note.

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