LOSER! That’s what they told me.

As heartbroken as I am that my giant “skitter” didn’t win a prize … I will, with great delight, announce the winners of the Dysart et al Repurposing Contest. The winning entries will be on display at the Haliburton Home and Cottage Show this weekend at the Environment and Green Energy booth. In truth, as the organizers point out, no one is a loser in this contest, it’s just that some people got money and the rest of us didn’t (chuckle goes here.) Listen this morning and then go to http://www.pinterest.com/dysartetal to check out all the clever submissions.

Here’s my loser submission


Hey, Shawn Chamberlain will be with us this morning. Things will be hopping all morning … join us. We’re live right through to 9am.

Don’t forget, CanoeFM will be at the Haliburton Home and Cottage Show all weekend … and the grand prize Langford Canoe will be on display. Lorraine McNeil and I will be on duty Sunday from 10 am until 12 noon. Drop by and say hi!

Thanks for the nice notes and calls .. nice to know people are out there. After all, it just ain’t radio without you!!

Thursday, the 30th … two interesting guests this morning on 100.9 Canoe Fm

Joining Lorraine McNeil and I this morning will be two very interesting guests.

Just after the 8am news Matthew Phillips, the new manager of Pinestone Resort will be joining us and we’ll find out more about Matthew as well as the golf fundraiser for the Minden Flood Victims.

About 8.30 am, Jennifer Martin of the Central East CCAC will talk to us by phone about the Heroes in the Home caregiver recognition program. They had presentations here in Haliburton yesterday. A wonderful idea for a very deserving segment of our society.

We’re on the air until 9am this morning. Tune us in, turn us up! We’re known to keep blackflies away!!!

We’re also live at http://www.canoefm.com.

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Harrison Kennedy joins us by phone after the 8am news

Shawn Chamberlain is with us this morning and it is going to be a wonderful day in the highlands. As the long weekend approaches we will bring you the news, weather and information you need to get a great start to your day.
Tim Haggarty pops in after the 7am news to chat about a wonderful jazz evening coming this summer to the Haliburton Museum.
After the 8 am news Harrison Kennedy joins us by phone. He’ll be at the Dominion Hotel Saturday night for an amazing show.
Harrison Kennedy copy
Harrison is on a straight-arrow flight path toward being internationally recognized as a true blues artist and composer of his own music, one foot solidly in rural acoustic practice, and the other planted in urban modern contemporary sounds and themes. He’s got one of the more distinctive and soulful voices in the business.
Grab a coffee and join us … we’re live from 7 am.
Remember, without you it ain’t radio!

Both of today’s guests keep their eyes on the sky

2 Great GuestsToday on Canoe FM we talk to two exciting guests. After the 8am news, Lorraine McNeil and I will talk to Canada’s weather guru, David Phillips. He’ll be in town tonight as guest speaker at Fleming College for the CFUW regular meeting.
Just after the weather at 8.30 am we’ll chat with Bob Morrow, a consultant with the Canadian Space Agency and the Tomatosphere project in public schools. Bob was at CSA headquarters to watch Chris Hadfield return to earth .. we’ll get his insight on the moment and why he has an important stake in the return trip.
We’re live starting at 7 am on 100.9 CanoeFM and http://www.canoefm.com.

Carson Arthur, Celebrity Landscape Designer, this morning on 100.9 Canoe FM

Lorraine McNeil will be co-hosting with us on this “fresh” start to the day .. and our guest after the 8 am news will be Carson Arthur .. with some great tips for modernizing your backyard this season.
Carson has had his own TV shows and has appeared on Cityline, Steve and Chris and is a contributing writer for Wal-Mart’s upcoming retail magazine. This year he’ll be the outdoor expert for Better Homes and Garden’s Dream Team on U.S. Television. Join us for a fun start to the day on 100.9 or at http://www.canoefm.com.

The morning shows are gonna be fun this week!

After a dreary, blowy, snowy weekend we can look forward to improving weather and temperatures as the week goes along. The morning program on Canoe FM has some great guests and co-hosts this week.
Shawn Chamberlain is our guest this morning and we always have fun with Shawn.

Lorraine McNeil co-hosts Tuesday and our telephone guest will be celebrity gardener Carson Arthur … don’t miss it. Some good tips for you garden.CarsonArthur_BlogPicture

Wednesday on the Reeve’s Report Dave Burton from Highlands East will be our guest.

Thursday, Lorraine and I will be talking with the one and only, Dave Phillips, Environment Canada’s senior climatologist … he’ll be speaking in Haliburton that evening. Dave Phillips

Friday, Shawn and I will chat with Harrison Kennedy … he’ll be at the Dominion Hotel on Saturday night.

Good stuff all week on 100.9 Canoe FM. http://www.canoefm.com. Join us, we’re live at 7am each day.

An Interview with Zuzu Bailey

Donna Reed, James Stewart and Karolyn Grimes (as Zuzu)

Donna Reed, James Stewart and Karolyn Grimes (as Zuzu)

For those of you who weren’t able to catch the interview on Canoe FM (www.canoefm.com) on this morning’s show … here’s the link to the conversation

It was a delight to interview such an inspirational and engaging lady.

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