Flowchart members (family)

James was afraid of dogs as a young lad, but for some reason he and Shiloh became “best friends”. James loved to follow Shiloh around and Shiloh was kind and affectionate in return.  James, Mark’s son, is full of beans with a delightful sense of humour.  He loves the campfires and being by the shores of Eagle Lake.  Shiloh, sad to say, died early 2010.  He was only 7 years old and a most beautiful and dear dog.  Here’s a current picture of Mark, Melanie and James (2015.)  Oh, and their dog “Chewie”.10524686_10154435795100347_6014040971504984095_n

Here’s one of our favourite pics of Cassidy (Brad and Meg’s daughter).  It was when Aunty Betty was visiting from England and we caught Cassidy in a still moment.
Here’s another great picture .. this time it’s kaitlyn,    Cassidy’s sister.
This is a lovely picture of Brad, Meg, and the girls taken in December of 2015.
Nicole and her great kids … Zachary, Morgan, Travis (holding Abby) and “mom”.! This is from 2009

Zack, Morgan, Travis (holding Abby ) & mom

And here’s a more current picture, sans Travis as he was working (always working that boy!)


Mark, Melanie and James along with with brother Peter and myself were at Mosport for the Classic Sports Car Races earlier in June (2014)

And a fun picture of Cassidy, Aleicia and Kaitlyn at Mosport in 2015.



Here’s little Aleicia, helping grand dad in the garage. Ear protectors and all.
And a really nice moment for Ben and Aleicia on the first day of school.


And no listing of family folks would be complete without my dear wife, Jane. Loving that sunshine!  The lower shot was from March 2015 when we spent two great weeks in Portugal.

2 thoughts on “Flowchart members (family)”

  1. Our score from 7 children is now 12 grandchildren! Ages 1 to 25 so making up a soccer team is still difficult. Anita had twins last year one unhappily with a heart problem who has just had a pacemaker fitted – so far so good. We are just back from a week at the sea with them which was lively but good fun. We are plodding on golfing gardening and playing a little bridge. Great to see you are still so busy

    1. How lovely to hear from you. Jane and I send our love to everyone in your family. Nice to hear that you are “plodding” on as there is many a day when I feel that I am doing the same. Sort of a treadmill, you know. I mustn’t complain because as some wise man once said, “you write your own history.” Peter and his son Ryan are coming up to visit with us tomorrow for a few days, on the heels of their visit two of my oldest friends are coming up for three days and as they leave my son Brad and his family (wife Meg, & our granddaughters Kaitlyn and Cassidy) will arrive. Living in the highlands next to a lake certainly attracts relations and friends during the summer. Unfortunately, because Jane and I are not quite retired it does put some pressure on us to fit in hosting duties. Still ‘n all, it’s always wonderful to have family and friends around. I wish we could show you our little bit of heaven … nestled in the woods next to Eagle Lake, with rolling hills and lots of blue sky at our doorstep. Love to all.

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