Arts Alive 2011 was not only alive, it was jumpin’!

The six annual Arts Alive evening in Minden was a rousing success.  A fine crowd of active bidders were on hand to take home some amazing values on work from area artists.  Jack Brezina was, as always, host for the evening and he was in his usual fine form as he steered the agenda and the silent and loonie auctions.  He’s lots of fun to be with and a great supporter of the arts in Minden Hills.

I was asked to assist Jack and be responsible for the live auction .. and boy, was it exciting!  There were some persistent bidders in the room and some of the items were fetching hundreds of dollars … with our final item well over $800 in an exciting nail-biter for the audience as well as the bidders.

I’ve included a composite photo of Jane’s amazing piece.  Unfortunately it was hard to get a good photo because the item was displayed on a table rather than hung on a wall.  The perspective is a little bit wonky but hopefully you get the idea.  The wall hanging represents hours and hours of work due to the complexity of the butterflies and the total number of glass pieces involved.  I provided some of the grunt, by prepping the wood and then mounting the elements on the driftwood.  The piece is approximately four feet high.

We shouldn’t forget to say thanks to the Grill on the Gull for a terrific meal and desserts … to Shawn and his group, thanks.

We had a great time and you can always count on a fun evening with a roomful of really nice people.  Congratulations to all the people involved in the planning and preparation of the event. We trust that it raised lotsa money in aid of the good work the foundation undertakes.

Author: Mike Jaycock

Living life at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada.

One thought on “Arts Alive 2011 was not only alive, it was jumpin’!”

  1. Hi Mike,

    Again, thanks very much for your support of the pool committee. In this case, the cookbook.
    I’m also glad to hear you every weekday morning too.

    This post doesn’t show the artwork by Jane. My version only shows cute pix of Jack. and some kind of advertising.


    Yours, Gay Bell

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